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Hands Like Houses
Hands Like Houses


Everything seemed to fall back into place once Hands Like Houses headed back in the studio for a fresh look at their prior recordings with producer James Wisner. “James is a genius,” Woodley explains. “We had a better idea of how he works going in for round two. He has this way of getting the best out of everyone and everything by being meticulously focused and uncompromising. It can be emotionally straining, but it really does make sense when you listen to his work. […] Recording at 96khz with his very particular signal flow meant that the whole album has this open, crystal clear dynamic ‘feel,’ while still being in your face and emotionally intimate.”  


This is a portion of a interview from New Noise Magazine. For the complete interview see the link below.

As It Is



Q.  What did he (jpw) bring to the bands sound and the album overall?
Andy: He knows his gear. We didn’t fly anything out, any bits of gear. We used all his stuff and he knows how to make guitars sound good, drums great and vocals sound really crisp and clear. He’s a really good producer, and made sure everything cut through by adding textures, really building up the As It Is sound.

Patty: He also knew what he wanted you to produce. So if you weren’t performing how he wanted you to, you would be doing it over and over and over. That’s the kind of meticulous attitude you want in a producer. He kicked our asses pretty good.

Q: You want some to push yourselves and make you better.
Andy: Oh yeah! He did that.

Patty: Exactly

The interview for the band AS IT IS was conducted by  ALREADY HEARD and can be seen in full by clicking this link.

Wisner Productions

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